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CBD Daily Products

We are a proud seller of CBD Daily products. These products DO NOT contain THC, and using them will not cause you to fail a drug test.  

CBD Daily  60mg

-Active Spray 60mg  $21.00

-Serum 60mg  $20.00

-Serum Lavender 60mg  $20.00

-Cream Lavender 60mg  $22.00

-Cream 60mg  $22.00

-Rollerball 60mg  $15.00

-Candle 3-in-1 60mg $15.00

CBD Daily 180mg

-Active Spay 180mg  $31.00

-Serum 180mg  $30.00

-Cream 180mg  $32.00

CBD Daily 600mg

-Sandalwood  $40.00

-Mint  $40.00

-Lavender  $40.00

-Grapefruit  $40.00

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