CBD Daily Products

We are a proud seller of CBD Daily products. These products DO NOT contain THC, and using them will not cause you to fail a drug test.  

CBD Daily

Active Spray 60mg 21.00

Active Spay 180mg 31.00

Serum 60mg 20.00

Serum Lavender 60mg 20.00

Serum 180mg 30.00

Cream 60mg 22.00

Cream Lavender 60mg 22.00

Cream 180mg 32.00

Rollerball 60mg 15.00

Candle 3-in-1 60mg 15.00

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New Pricing List


250 Animal tincher 39.00

1500 Animal tincher 54.00


Capsules for Humans

Plain gel capsules  69.00

1500 Soft Capsules w/Melatonin  79.00 plus tax

1500 Soft Gel Capsules w/Curcumin  79.00 plus tax

Human Tinchers

500mg 65.00 plus tax

1500mg 99.00 plus tax

Salve 1000mg $39.00 plus tax

Pain Cream 1000mg 45.00 plus tax